Music is Awesome.

There’s a song on my iPod right now that I’ll probably never get tired of listening to. It’s stuff like that that I truly respect. Other times, I hear something that sounds so “hype” that I listen to it all day everyday for several days in a row. And then I simply get tired of it. Most often it’s an extreme feeling. The thought of listening to it again becomes repulsive almost. That’s when I know that I over-did it. It’s a surprising feeling though. I mean this was the track that made me feel awesome only a few days ago when I first heard it, and now I can’t stand another second of it. 

But this one song, which is almost definitely the exception to the rule was made by a British artist. I like most of his songs, the more recent ones. The older ones were too pop-y. But more recently he’s more, I guess, emotional? But the kind of emotion that makes you listen to it the very first time and think “oh my goodness, this is a hit!” And then years later I’m like wow “this song is still dope.” It’s one of those songs that doesn’t have too much going on. It just starts with a slow guitar and piano with something else in the background. And then his voice comes in. I absolutely love the way he sounds. I wouldn’t consider him a singer, but to me his voice sounds powerful. 

I recently discovered something that’s almost magical to me. While listening to the song, one day I mistakenly pulled out the earphone jack just slightly so I could still hear it. But … but but but, it was distorted. I was about to put in back in, then realised my discovery. It wasn’t ordinary to be honest. Now in this song, he sings high and low notes. And in most parts of the song, it’s layered; so both high and low are being sung at the same time (To clarify I guess he records a verse once in high notes and then again low, and then it’s layered in post). But in this state that my earphone jack was in, I could only hear him singing that verse in the low range even though he was doing both. The higher part was either non-existent for those few seconds of the song or it sounded really far away. My brain almost couldn’t handle what I was hearing!! It sounded dope, and still does. I showed “the trick” to my brother, and he was yelling excitedly. I’m sure this can all be explained by science, but whatever I still enjoy this song. 



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