New Movies (Ideas/Seeds for the future)

Just saw “white house down”. Oh my goodness, I’ve never been this tense watching a movie before. My 2 Favorite scenes:  The one with the Jordans (kicking scene) and when he comes out the window with a rocket launcher!!! Ahhh!! I couldn’t handel myself. Go to wooorrrk!! I must say I think I liked it. It did well to bring certain critical issues to light and talking about them on a global scale.

Anyway, here’s the point of this blog post. I can’t help but ask myself these 2 questions.

(1) Could this possibly be one of the worst jobs in the world. I mean is it all worth it? The immense pressure, critique (both by the “knowledgeable” and the ignorant), safety issues and the numerous other things I probably will find difficult to get my head around. Why would anyone ever want to have such a job position? AND for multiple terms, com’on you’ve got to be kidding. I mean you’re powerful and call the shots, but the costs definitely have to outweigh the benefits, right? Or maybe not, what do I know?

(2) What effect do these films have on people in general? On “regular” people and on those who could possibly be capable of such acts. It’s scary to think about. I feel like there should be a way to either measure or understand such effects. I get that this is entertainment and all that crap, BUT recently (and I guess always) there’s been several other movies with similar story lines. I want to understand hollywood’s obsession with such stories.

There’s one thing I’ve realized and experienced in the last four years of my life and it’s this: IDEAS are incredibly powerful. All you need is one seed, and depending on the conditions of one’s mind, it could grow like wildfire. And today, with all the movies, songs and all other content media, as a society we are sowing the seeds for the next generation of people. I think it’s something worth paying attention to.


About Shlo "sunny delight" Mo

Aspiring Author. Music Lover. Into Jobs that don't exist yet!
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