Music is Awesome.

Music is Awesome..

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Music is Awesome.

There’s a song on my iPod right now that I’ll probably never get tired of listening to. It’s stuff like that that I truly respect. Other times, I hear something that sounds so “hype” that I listen to it all day everyday for several days in a row. And then I simply get tired of it. Most often it’s an extreme feeling. The thought of listening to it again becomes repulsive almost. That’s when I know that I over-did it. It’s a surprising feeling though. I mean this was the track that made me feel awesome only a few days ago when I first heard it, and now I can’t stand another second of it. 

But this one song, which is almost definitely the exception to the rule was made by a British artist. I like most of his songs, the more recent ones. The older ones were too pop-y. But more recently he’s more, I guess, emotional? But the kind of emotion that makes you listen to it the very first time and think “oh my goodness, this is a hit!” And then years later I’m like wow “this song is still dope.” It’s one of those songs that doesn’t have too much going on. It just starts with a slow guitar and piano with something else in the background. And then his voice comes in. I absolutely love the way he sounds. I wouldn’t consider him a singer, but to me his voice sounds powerful. 

I recently discovered something that’s almost magical to me. While listening to the song, one day I mistakenly pulled out the earphone jack just slightly so I could still hear it. But … but but but, it was distorted. I was about to put in back in, then realised my discovery. It wasn’t ordinary to be honest. Now in this song, he sings high and low notes. And in most parts of the song, it’s layered; so both high and low are being sung at the same time (To clarify I guess he records a verse once in high notes and then again low, and then it’s layered in post). But in this state that my earphone jack was in, I could only hear him singing that verse in the low range even though he was doing both. The higher part was either non-existent for those few seconds of the song or it sounded really far away. My brain almost couldn’t handle what I was hearing!! It sounded dope, and still does. I showed “the trick” to my brother, and he was yelling excitedly. I’m sure this can all be explained by science, but whatever I still enjoy this song. 


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I’m no different!


About a year ago an incident happened that will make me forever question the true nature and meaning of interpersonal relationships. In my third year I started making short films through one of my courses. It got me really interested in Youtube and what it enabled people to do. Up to this point I simply watched videos, films and stuff by others, paying no real attention to the process behind it (filming, editing and whatnot). So I guess some people saw what I was doing—probably through Facebook—and decided to send me a message saying they wanted to meet up; had a few film ideas they were interested in working on.

I headed over the next day. We talked. And it turns out they were building a website/startup that did some cool stuff (insert technical details here). They worked out of a tech incubator downtown (I’d love to be in a place like this if I could support myself somehow). But anyways, my tasks for the next few weeks were to find actors to make a short that promoted their website. All this happened right after I finished my third year. Summer! Freelance work! Wooo! No pay 😦 So I spent time talking to my friends and basically anyone I kinda knew and thought would fit the roles. My good friend, Aidan, wanted to act. One down, two to go. I needed a friend for Aidan. I felt I could play that role, so all I needed was someone to play a girl.

I walked into the gym one day, to get ripped! Some chest work! It’s all about that bench press!! And who did I see—the perfect person. I saw her several times in the gym but never really payed attention. I approached her and asked if I could ask her a question. She worked at the front desk of the physical activities building. Let’s call her Bella. So at this point, all I wanted was just someone to act. I simply didn’t look beyond the acting role, because you know me. I wasn’t too shy in my third year though; think it decreases a bit every year. I asked her. She said she’d be interested. So “email me a copy of the script and I’ll see.” Before I left, she asked for my name. I said “Shlomo.” She shook my hand and told me hers. I was like “word, I’ll email you tonight.” I smiled and walked away. The group was complete. Filming time! All this took a few weeks. I was super happy I found her, cus I thought she’d fit the role. I sent her a copy of the script with some storyboards and stuff. She replied saying she was cool with everything, so we could set up a time to start filming. I let Aidan know, asked him to get his suit ready and we set up a time.

To cut a long story short, we filmed and as we approached the end of the shoot, I asked her out. It wasn’t something I planned doing. It was just me feeling—oh let me repay you for giving up a few hours of your time and plus, I think I kinda like you. I was like “hey, what are you doing this Friday?” We set up a time to have lunch. It was just really simple; just some pizza. We talked, asked questions, laughed and all that regular stuff. At the end we hugged each other and done. End of date. Shortly after I finished editing the video, I left the city to spend the rest of the summer with my cousin. 

When I came back following the summer break, I was expecting an “oh hey, how was your summer?!” Or some other let’s-go-on-another-date type conversation. What actually happened? Well, we never talked. Lmao! We have never actually had a regular conversation ever since the one date and summer break. It’s been over a year and whenever I see her, it’s always a bit awkward. I’ve constantly ask myself why that’s been the case. How come we’ve never really talked. Not even small talk. It was always just an awkward hi or something like that. Well, we’ve kinda talked once and I’m still not sure if I was the one trying to avoid the conversation or she was. She asked if I was going to track practice and how it was cold outside or warm, (don’t remember) and I said “Yeah”, slowly turned and walked away. 

I also think the answer here is quite simple. After one date you just know whether or not you like someone, or at least you think you know. Over the summer I texted her a few times and she always took weeks before replying. And when she did, she was always like “oh I’ve been super busy…” Yeah right. Apparently that’s how you know someone doesn’t really like you (takes forever to reply). I’m in the same situation right now. I’m ignoring someone’s texts (and occasionally take forever to reply) because I just don’t feel a connection. We met at the beach and we’ve been texting a lot. I’ve stopped replying (so cold, and I feel really bad) because I’m not ready for a relationship right now. I feel like a teenager writing such a post lol.

Now I decided to call this post “I’m no different!” for the following reasons. I expressed interest in someone and they didn’t return that feeling. Made that conclusion after the no-reply and one-week-delay texting. I’m also doing the same thing right now!! Mostly without even thinking about it. Even weirder is the fact that my cousin has expressed the same sentiments. We’ve talked on Skype a few times and with one or two of the people that he likes or is attracted to, he’s also been awkwardly avoiding—because they haven’t returned the same feelings and obviously, he can tell.

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Harmony (Yeah Yeahh)

Something I made using a while ago. Thought I’d share it lol.

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Instagram and co. (Art at it’s best)

I have always wondered why photo sharing sites like Instagram, Tumblr and many others are so successful. There are so many of them too! It makes me think there’s some deeper underlying factor to their success—not just the usual, “Oh it’s just adding filters to pictures, beautifying the otherwise normal images we take (in a simple way)” or “Instagram is simple!” or “It was first to market.” Others claim they also made use of the explosion in mobile technology. 

I’m not ignoring these comments at all. Quite the contrary. But I think this quote really summarizes some of the thoughts I’ve been having recently. Found the image on the Stanford Humanities Website. 


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New Movies (Ideas/Seeds for the future)

Just saw “white house down”. Oh my goodness, I’ve never been this tense watching a movie before. My 2 Favorite scenes:  The one with the Jordans (kicking scene) and when he comes out the window with a rocket launcher!!! Ahhh!! I couldn’t handel myself. Go to wooorrrk!! I must say I think I liked it. It did well to bring certain critical issues to light and talking about them on a global scale.

Anyway, here’s the point of this blog post. I can’t help but ask myself these 2 questions.

(1) Could this possibly be one of the worst jobs in the world. I mean is it all worth it? The immense pressure, critique (both by the “knowledgeable” and the ignorant), safety issues and the numerous other things I probably will find difficult to get my head around. Why would anyone ever want to have such a job position? AND for multiple terms, com’on you’ve got to be kidding. I mean you’re powerful and call the shots, but the costs definitely have to outweigh the benefits, right? Or maybe not, what do I know?

(2) What effect do these films have on people in general? On “regular” people and on those who could possibly be capable of such acts. It’s scary to think about. I feel like there should be a way to either measure or understand such effects. I get that this is entertainment and all that crap, BUT recently (and I guess always) there’s been several other movies with similar story lines. I want to understand hollywood’s obsession with such stories.

There’s one thing I’ve realized and experienced in the last four years of my life and it’s this: IDEAS are incredibly powerful. All you need is one seed, and depending on the conditions of one’s mind, it could grow like wildfire. And today, with all the movies, songs and all other content media, as a society we are sowing the seeds for the next generation of people. I think it’s something worth paying attention to.

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Larry Smith is a G.

Yesterday, I went to a presentation by Larry Smith. I must say, it was a very useful hour and a half. The event was booked to capacity and I think up to fifty other people were put on the waiting list. I was one of those—and apparently the event sold out long before posters went up around campus; it was only posted on online bulletin boards, and within 2 to 3 hours, FULL! The event was titled “What’s your Problem?” Basically a lecture style talk to “Identify Killer Problems” in the world today. 

After I saw the posters, I scanned the QR code and saved it to register later. When I got home I tried registering, and got an error message saying…Image

I’m not gonna lie, I almost cried. Larry is ma boy!! Honestly, I could listen to this guy all day for the rest of my life. I’ve seen him in his office a few times to talk about some entrepreneurial ideas I had (really though who doesn’t), and he is such a captivating speaker. Like it’s not even funny. Very hard to explain even. Every time I’ve gone to see him, he does this thing where he occasionally moves his chair towards you as he speaks. With knees touching, he then starts speaking softly as though sharing a secret. If only lectures were always like this. 

The one thing I took away from this talk (other than the notes I had) that change has and will always happen in the world—whether it’s the 70s, 80s or whatever. We’re in another wave of change, so let’s use the tools we have to share ideas, and to think about some of the big problems we face today. Stuff like this kinda gets you fired up, but most importantly it has enabled me to push the boundaries of self imposed barriers to my thinking. 

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